Sponsors for Linking Greensboro Connects & LIVE! November 2009

We were lucky enough to have so many sponsors for the third Linking Greensboro Live! event. Thank you to everyone that contributed to making this event a success.

Location Sponsors

Allen Broach: StudioB


Allen Broach: The Broach Theatre


The Broach Theatre

Corporate Sponsors

Minita Sanghvi: After The Tassel

After The Tassel

Tabitha Scholtz Jowett: America's Best Companies

America's Best Companies

Tracey McDaniel: American Partners Federal Credit Union

American Partners Federal Credit Union

Kim Williams: BEM Interactive

BEM Interactive

Bob Kober: The # one way to find a great business to own.


Cartridge World USA

Cartridge World USA

Danielle Hatfield: DanielleHatfield.com


Serena Simmons: In Your Face Promotions!

In Your Face Promotions!

North Carolina Zoo

North Carolina Zoo

Brandon Pierce: SHIFTERTV

SHIFTERTV {web design}

stitch FX

stitch FX

Angela Schlentz: Schlentz Group

Schlentz Group


Previous Sponsors: Linking Greensboro LIVE! July 2009